Mighty Lark

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis, (AKA The Mighty Lark,) began painting, drawing and illustrating professionally in the summer of 2003. He holds a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University and an MFA in Studio Arts from Maine College of Art..

The Mighty Lark’s work has appeared in magazines, coloring books, zines, and journals as well as on logos, t-shirts, phone cases, and tote bags. He has taught 2D Design, Digital Foundations and Illustration at Southern Maine Community College since January of 2013.


Mike’s whimsical sketches are both fantasy and reality. His sketches have both a cartoon and photorealistic quality. Check out the self-portrait here.


Mike became obsessed with the idea of spinning drawings, images seen through kaleidoscopes and the way that recreation of an object blurs, like a visual game of telephone. As the drawing is shaded multiple times, each individual item is the same, but different.

A Gentleness Practice

“John,” the first piece in his new series of Sud Busters. He is in love with the subject matter and the colors. “I was able to really paint and get lost in the environment. The making was a success, and the time that it took to finish it just sort of appeared here and there in and about the space in the timeline of my life”.

Mike Lewis

Mike lives and works in Portland, Maine with his wife, Courtney, his son, Austin, and their two cats Jasper Johns and Momo. He is found either at his studio in the State Theater building or at home with a cat or toddler in his lap or working at his drafting table. A native Northern New Yorker, Lewis is the son of a Forest Ranger and a substitute school teacher. Mighty Lark is an avid reader and a prolific audiophile.