Here’s what I’m about…

This site is a visual representation  of a community that I hope to create and be a a part of. Here we hope to advance the sharing of information and  ecouragw discourse.  I invite all visitors to share their opinions and whatever assortment of information they find interesting.  My interests continue to grow, as I contemplate and discuss a variety of subjects from music to tech, to interest pieces, education, and general discussion.  Consider this the a space where most anything is open for discussion and all topics are welcomed, unless it’s boring….if it’s boring we don’t want any.

I have always wanted to be a writer:

I have always wanted to be a writer although, I never aspired to write an advice column—but I probably have the perfect background for the gig. I’m not just a writer, after all, I’m an educator, parent, friend, and an old man.

The Creds

I have an undergraduate degree in English, then held a bunch of jobs—from customer service to corporate financial analyst—before finally accepting that I was more interested in understanding people balancing general ledgers. I will…go back to school for a PhD in Literature, but so far I have picked up a couple of letters (MA).

I’ve experienced all the usual things in life—career, marriage, and family, including kids 😥 —and I’ve also faced an extraordinary number of life challenges, probably more than my share.

The Jobs

I have had all sorts of jobs some cool, some not, some paid well some not. I’ve learned that, while styles and customs evolve and technology is changing our world at lightning speed, human nature and relationships—what we want and need in life, how best to get it, and how to cope when we don’t—remain constant.

The truth is, experience is only useful when we learn from it. And that’s what I’m here to share. But enough about me.