About that BS success story

We are over the “one day it just happened with out me doing anything” narrative that you love to share. Most of you are lying. If you garnered any type of success by publishing a post or an article it was on purpose.

You want us to believe that you wrote for months or years without result and were content to wait for your moment. Occasionally, you tell us that your third article went viral, afterward no one cared and things went back to normal. You continued to write until you were “discovered”. You insist that you didn’t care about the money or the attention, you did it for the art.

We call bullshit.

Most, if not all, of us care about the art, the expression, and the contribution to community. We want the other shit too!

What we think when you talk

You may not want to share your secret sauce but there is a recipe. Maybe it’s one that only works only for you. It could be true, your work garnered more attention than you ever imagined. Regardless, you intended to get a result.

Where are the people willing to be honest about what it takes to have the sort of success that every new blogger wants?

We get it, the mystique adds to the appeal. We want you to know that it also adds to the frustration and does not increase our estimation of your talent nor our admiration for you. Understanding there is no magic spell or wand to wave, that there is no one size fits all, we know there is no one coming to guide us to the literary promise land.

We know you want to feel special, even the most modest writers do. You want us to believe that you are one in a million, that many but few succeed.

What is your truth?

Are you ashamed of never really working hard? Maybe, you are embarrassed to share too much, that the mystifying curtain of pretense will come crashing down, exposing the truth of your “expertise”.

We the masses have had enough of your inflated ego and marginal writing, subsequent listicles and lengthy tirades about the luck that landed on your doorstep.

We really want

For once, we would love for the glittery rags to riches prodigies to say

“I tried really hard and sucked for a long time before I got any traction”.

“I joined a million useless Facebook groups and begged relatives to click-through my site to mask the failing heartbeat of my marooned blog”.

We have come so far from Oz, and we sure as shit aren’t Dorothy, so let’s have some fucking truth for a change you great and powerful wizards.