Good Morning

Jin awoke to the smell of last night. Every one of his muscles sore, with remnants tension making, is morning stretch more tenuous than normal. The aroma of stale pleasure brought a smile to his face instantly and made it slightly more difficult to rouse himself from the bed. The memories imprinted on his mind made the soreness worthwhile. While attempting to separate his lips, which had been sealed previously with the residue of yesterday, the banter of “Fox Good Day’s Lauren and Tim,” alerts him.

Damn, I slept through my alarm, I am going to have to cut my routine short this morning. I need to hurry because this new job will be my ticket to do everything I have planned. Shit, they better be fine with whatever time I get there. Although, it would be nice to be on time for my first day at a minimum. Seriously, the folks at Frontier Publishers are so lucky to have me.

I will show them how young and fresh talent can reinvigorate the dusty annals of a stale publishing firm. They should realize that, between my looks and my skills, they hired me for a steal. Ha! I shouldn’t think things like that. I know it’s true, but I have to show them I’m a marketing beast first. Besides, I may accidentally say them out loud. It finally seems like things are falling into place for me. Even though I dread being so close to the “parentals”, moving home to Texas should be good for my career.

As he hurried to the shower, Jin realized that the excessive buzzing of all the missed calls caused his phone to work its way onto the floor.

Damn, how many calls have I missed? All of these calls are from Leo! “The old man” has really been beating the “I’m your dad” drum lately, Jin thought, as he looked at 6 missed calls from his father. I don’t want to hear anything he has to say unless he has that $200 I asked him for. Why does he keep calling? He will either give it to me or he won’t, that’s really what it is Leo.

Jin always had the tendency to call his father by his first name, more-so when he felt especially disconnected from their relationship.

This small loan is a simple test he should pass. It’s evident that Leo doesn’t know me at all. I would never depend on a man who is too afraid to live independently, or raise a family he created, to make sure my car is maintained. Hell, I don’t even really want or need the money. I want to know what his intentions are more than anything else.

If I can’t depend on you for a simple favor, you can’t exist in my world as anything more than an acquaintance. I have no interest in playing family with you, I forget her name at the moment and her family. Not to mention she doesn’t like me anyway. I hope she knows the feeling is mutual.

If you really want to make amends, start by explaining where the hell you were while I was struggling to pay tuition. Those boxes of ramen don’t count as support bruh. Honestly, this is just the latest in a long succession of attempts to assuage his guilt. I am 25 years old, and I don’t need a father, look at me. I am the picture of potential and perfection, he said while admiring his espresso complexion in the mirror.

On my way

Jin exited the shower, dried, dressed, and was out the door within 20 minutes. The convenience of his uptown apartment made his commute convenient while making it inconvenient for him to receive unwanted company. He enjoyed the proximity to old friends and old hangouts but despised the new access his parents to visit him on a whim. As he began the six block commute to his new office, feelings of excitement began to brew. While prematurely patting himself on the back for his impending success, he admired the reflection of his 5ft 9in frame in each mirrored high-rise he passed. The cut of his suit, the trail of Creed’s Royal Mayfair, and the sound of his Magnani loafers as they assaulted the pavement in quick succession alerted everyone he passed, that he was neither shy or subtle.

I worked hard for this body, and if this week goes well I will play hard. Who am I kidding? I am going to play hard regardless. After all, it’s my public duty to give the public access to my personal monument.

While approaching the building he felt the vibration of his phone in the breast pocket of his favorite slim cut blazer. He removed the phone from his pocket to see Lauren, his mother, was calling.

As usual, my mother is calling at the worst possible time. Guess who doesn’t have time or patience for another one of her episodes, it’s me. I will just have to endure “Guiltfest / Pity-party 2016” when I call her back this evening. I wonder how much money she will ask for.

Upon entering the building, Jin heard a voice beckoning to him from across the lobby. At first, he thought it was a mistake, but when he turned around, there was no mistaking the shape and the sashay quickly approaching him. Jin is that you??

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