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It’s your turn to share!! I want to hear about you, your relationships with parents, friends, spouses, co-workers, mentors, bosses. In this column,I want to hear from you!! Things that you pertain to your career, love, sex, male/female roles, taking criticism, expectations, ambition, addiction, jealousy, loss.  Lets hear a little about your pet peeves, life’s little annoyances, your worries about navigating this culture and the changing role of women, your existential despair, fear, boredom, bias, envy, anxiety, anger, sadness.

As I answer your questions, I have three promises to make:

  1. If I have a useful example from my life, I’ll offer it, and I’ll always tell the truth as I see it, not necessarily as I (or you) wish it would be.
  2. If I’m unsure about something, I’ll consult an expert. I’ll probably make a joke or three in my answer, usually at your expense, I’ve been through so much in my life, believe me, I have empathy for whatever you’re facing.
  3. You’ll be anonymous, so don’t hold back, but do try to give some context or background when you ask your question. And remember: The more interesting and honest the question, the more interesting and useful the answer.

So go ahead and Just Ask Me.

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