Growing Through Change

Lately, it seems like all the people in my life have experienced varying degrees of change. Career changes, relationship changes, or even changes rooted in self-reflection. At first, I thought that it was strange that different people, that didn’t know each other, were sharing the same sort of conversation with me. I began to think to myself, is this a coincidence or is this something that happens to everyone all the time.

Growing Through Change Now, I believe that most people or consistently growing. Perhaps, some are growing at different rates than others, but growing nonetheless. I figured, you can never be too old to be better than you are now. The following series is a part of my “Growing Through Changes series”. This series will connect with all readers, regardless of their progress in the individual evolutionary cycle. What’s different about this series, is it’s realist perspective, and intended to impact everyday people with everyday concerns

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    Haute and Comely

    Growth and change are constant in my opinion. Everyone around me has gone through some change lately too. But looking back I can clearly see that what their lives were before then was also different from previously so I guess,we only observe change when it’s of great impact interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 6

    Growth is a constant, but so many people are scared to embrace it. I don’t know why that is. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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      Thanks Rosa! I think people are frightened by change because it means relinquishing control to uncertainty. I look forward to have conversations with you during your visits. Come often. Lots of new work coming out.

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