I really do need a new desk. It is hard enough to plant my butt in the seat and get started, now I need stuff. My desk is too low, my monitors aren’t big enough, and the padding in my office chair is shot to hell.  Every time I work on my to-do list this is all I can think of and not my goals. It ‘s amazing I ever get anything done at all, but I never give up the fight.

 Surely, everyone wants to be comfortable when they try to channel their creativity. We need everything to be there! O.K maybe not everything but most things right? Do you think of everything that’s wrong when you start a project? Lately, I often ask myself why I can’t focus on the task and not the tools, or is there is something else going on with me that I have yet to identify.


Think about where you are “right now”. Decide if your “right now” is on the path toward the future you see for yourself.

Maybe it’s not just the project

Say you want to do something simple like start a new exercise plan. Maybe you begin by getting on the internet to look for a great piece of fitness equipment, some new exercise clothes, and maybe even an affordable gym membership convenient to your schedule. All those things are great, and in the end, you may need some of them. In the beginning, however, all you need is to get started. You have shoes already, you can walk outside, your neighborhood park can be your gym until you build a habit you can stick with. The same thing is true with your projects and anything else you want to accomplish.

There are all sorts of studies that talk about learning styles and things you can do to motivate yourself to stay on task. There are even findings that support procrastination as a way channeling your creativity. The truth is it was never really about the desk or the tools. The issue is feeling unsure about my ability to create and execute my goals. It’s nervousness about how my work will be received and no doing anything means delaying failure, in my head at least.

Reality Check

For me, procrastination does force me to get things done when I have no other choice, but I am often dissatisfied with the result. I congratulate myself for getting it done in the little time that I allotted myself, while also thinking I could have done better if I had more time. That’s part of the damn problem. I did have more time. I waited until the last moment because I told myself over and over that I would only need thirty minutes to type up my article.

It’s true that I can complete a 1200 word article in thirty minutes. It will be mostly coherent, make some good points, and contain at least one relatively astute observation. Will it be great? No. It may not even be something I am proud of and that is the source of my fuel to do better!

It’s best that you realize that you can begin accomplishing your goals with what you have today. It will also help you if you find which set of circumstances create the most successful outcome for you because we are all different. The most important thing you can do is understand what you are doing today may not be working for you, or you probably would not be reading this article.

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You already have everything you need to accomplish the next step in your journey. Just get off your ass and knock it out!


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