What do you wish women knew about masculine respect?

I wish women knew more about men than what they learned on Tv or through media outlets. If women conceptualized men as people first, and men second it would lead women to a greater mutual respect both for and from men. Ladies, please understand there is no single definition of masculinity. Expectations and preconceived notions that women bring to the relationship can annihilate the relationships they share with men.

The Black Marriage Movement (BMM) in cooperation with Black Men Who Blog, asked the following questions. The goal is to give some perspective on what some men wish women knew about them. Below, along with the questions, you will find my candid responses”.

What does it mean to you? ( What is respect? )

Respect is a mutual behavior. It’s the authentic act of displaying your care through words and deeds. It is a continuous cross-functional behavior that impacts all aspects of personal/interpersonal relationships. From feelings to communication, consideration, and expectations.

Respect based decisions and interactions decide how I receive your intentions. Your behavior affects the way I receive intentions,  the way your words are heard, and even my assessment of your character. If I do not respect a person, even their good deeds are suspicious. Copious amounts of respect should always be displayed and enacted in romantic relations. It fosters an environment of hope, longevity and mutual affection.

How can women show respect and honor you in a way that makes you feel it?

There are all sorts of ways to show honor and respect. In fact, respect is as various as each personality. Think about the way I receive information from others. Use previous conversations I have held with you about others, unrelated gripe sessions, or scenarios that they have described.

When you have a picture of what the desirable behaviors look like, try to adopt those behaviors for yourself.  This does not mean being inauthentic. Honor yourself with authenticity. Always be an asset to your team. Respect me by showing the world your best self and modeling behaviors we value.  Most importantly I feel respected when you honor my desires, dreams, and aspirations. Relationships can’t grow together without a sense of mutual honor and respect.