I want to be new too

“New year resolutions”, “No resolutions”, “I’m on a mission”, “It’s my year”, and even “God got me!!!”. The stars are aligned to make a resolution.

I’m not saying your resolution will crumble, fall apart, or wither on the to-do list you created it on. I am saying that It’s on you. Yes, You; the man or woman in the mirror staring back at you.  It’s whether or not you are willing to go all in for yourself and your family. This is a new year for the new you.

Make this the year you make a decision to “Change or be Chained”! Chained to the things that keep you from forging ahead towards the best you. That’s all that matters. This could be the best year of your life.  Doesn’t that excite you?

Today is…

A few questions come to mind as we progress through the beginning of 2018.

  1. Will you avoid the folks with negative attitudes and join in on the fun?
    No matter what it looks like, you can and will achieve that which you believe!!! Remember “Rudy”? He finally got his day on the field for Notre Dame.  Even though he was ridiculed by even those closest to him. Stay Positive in 2018.
  2. Have you set goals for the new year or are you still “trying to figure things out?
    I learned a long time ago if you want to be successful, do what successful people do. Plan ahead. Jim Rohn said his mentor told him once he started “setting goals”, his life changed. Once you set goals, pursue them with focus and determination.  What is written down gets done. Maintain the “I will succeed attitude”, no matter the obstacles. This means not being afraid to fail.
  3. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
    I’m sure the list is long.  So go ahead and do it.  The best way to face your fears is head on. Winning is tough, but losing is tougher.  You’ll thank yourself for it one day.

While traveling the path to success, pay attention to new opportunities. You may come across a situation where you can be of assistance to someone.  These may be times when you can learn something new that will eventually benefit you.

It can come from nowhere

Before I began my entrepreneurial journey, I was working for my mentor, helping him with odd jobs around his office.   One day he asked me to help him run his business. At the time I was working overnight at a copy center, making $400.00 a month. No that is not missing a zero.  However, I did not agree to work with him immediately. I told him I wanted my own office one day and I had to think about it.  Lol. I had big plans for those $400.00

What he said next caught my attention, “You’re not doing that now and besides, what do you think you will learn from me?”

If I’d had said no?

I would have missed an incredible opportunity. Now, 22 years later, I’m still in business. I share this story with you to encourage you to not only recognize opportunity but to grab it with both hands.  Those rare moments are often pivotal moments in our lives.  My parting advice, be confident.  Feeling confident has an amazing impact on your life, it’s the difference between “I could” and “I did”. Learn to believe in yourself, because your life depends on it. You got this!

Whatever “this” is for you. When you set the expectation that you will achieve success, and eventually you will. The world will reward you with what you put into it. Just be ready when it does.





I hope this message inspires you.

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