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The Myth of Camaraderie

I obsessively checked my phone. Where is the damn reply I’m waiting on? I don’t want to send multiple emails, but I will. Was I rude? Maybe I don’t have a large enough audience. I […]

Made or Paid to be Bad

The recent surge of films and network television shows featuring a strong female lead thrills audiences. Some of my friend’s attribute this to the increase in female screenwriters, directors, and producers. The rest believes there […]

How do you teach your kids history

I started the day filled with thanks.  Another MLK day has come and I meditate on the details of a struggle that I never participated in, but of which I am the proud benefactor. As […]

You Screwed Up, She Smiled, Want to Know Why?

Why are you smiling? Have you ever heard the expression, never let the right hand know what the other is doing?  Let me explain, the theory is make sure you keep everything in its place. If […]

Nobody Believes That You Hate Social Media

Why do you need us to believe it? Are the people who claim to hate social media really being honest? Some who vehemently denies their use or their enjoyment of social media normally has a […]