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New Year New You

I want to be new too “New year resolutions”, “No resolutions”, “I’m on a mission”, “It’s my year”, and even “God got me!!!”. The stars are aligned to make a resolution. I’m not saying your resolution […]

Soft Skills Are The New Bottom-Line

Hard skills vs soft skills The argument about which skills are more important or necessary is as old as the argument about whether great leaders are born or developed. Both sides have compiled convincing arguments, […]

It’s Always Easier to Be Honest

Honesty Today, lying is as plentiful as oxygen. But trying to find honesty, however, often requires a team of archaeologists.  Wondering whats behind the trending dishonesty? Thought about why some people are incapable of honesty, […]

How to Unsuccessfully Spend Your Sunday

  The madness begins Sunday evening, I took my daughter to the emergency room at Baylor hospital.  We went there for help with severe dehydration, after not being able to keep anything down for over […]