Sza releases the video for "Supermodel"

This is a must see because SZA is on fire these days! No intro necessary.

Artist Spotlight: Goapele

Artist Spotlight: Goapele


Before you get started about how she is not a new artist.  Let me just tell you that she is definitely an under served artist.  Goapele is super talented and packs each of her albums with the music that challenges you to think, while also conjuring sexy soulful emotions.  If you don't believe me take a look at this clip!  She has a secret 8-), and it seems like it's a really good one!

In one breath, she’s urging social change and boldly standing up for righteousness in the face of inequality; the next, she’s guiding her child with a sensitive understanding, hard-earned wisdom, and unconditional love. Finally, she’s as seductive and soulful as ever seamlessly slipping from activist, mother, and poet to temptress. This delicate sonic shape-shifting is a technique she introduced on her now classic 2001 debut  Closer, but she hones it to perfection on Dreamseeker.

A little info

I became a fan when she released closer.  That song unlocked the door to a torrid love affair with her music and I have been a fan ever since.  The overall sound is like a haute coutoure gown that glides over the body and hugs in all the right places.  She blends trip-hop, traditional R and B, and pop music all into one tidy package.  On the other hand, when she tours, she prices her tickets like she is Whitney Houston, so that is a complete no go for me.  As much as I love her music, she does not put on the kind of show that warrants a 200 dollar ticket just for the privilege of standing in the front.  Grown men do not stand in kiddie pits so we can sing, sway side to side, and light cigarette lighters during the emotional moments.

The  new album, Dreamseeker is a mix of what you would expect from her.  She sings with her normal style that blends her statuesque femininity with her smooth and soothing powerhouse vocals.  Her lyrics are pure poetry, as she takes on controversial topics, and issues relative to her life as well as others.  Many do not know that she is an activist as well as a philanthropist.  Maybe that's why her concert tickets are so expensive.  (Still salty)

Goapele participates in raising awareness. She is active in the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and recently starred in a short film, Where Is Beauty, which covers the pressures women endure from social media and normative standards of beauty.

What you need to know

Overall I rate this album 8 out of 10.  I think she is still going strong and I will definitely be rocking to this.  I do not however, think this is her most creative or relative work.  Some of the tracks are really over done and she does tend to slip into what everyone else is doing with new hooks over familiar beats.  I do enjoy that, but I don't necessarily think its creative.  Stand out tracks: Secret, Bright as the Sun, Stay (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid), and Power.

[bctt tweet=" Stand out tracks: Secret, Bright as the Sun, Stay (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid), and Power." username="wwregg"]

Really, in that order.

Check out some of the songs below and let me know if you agree.  Cant wait to hear your feedback!



Artist Spotlight: Mali Music


Mali Music

Kortney Jamaal Pollard performing under the stage name Mali Music,[2] is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer. We recognize him with our artist spotlight, for his commitment to making quality tunes with quality content.  He is hardly a new artist, he began his music career at the ripe old age of 12, gathered his footing in church, and continues to actively perform in various venues today.  In addition to his new release,  has released three albums.

"The Coming (2008) and The 2econd Coming (2009), earned him much critical and underground acclaim.[3] In 2011, he was the first inspirational artist to be a part of BET's acclaimed "Music Matters" series.[4] Signed to RCA Records in 2013,[5] Mali released the single "Beautiful"[6] in anticipation of his first major album release Mali Is..., which was released on June 17, 2014[7]and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album.[8]"

Mali Music

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, he announced the release of his latest album, The Transition of Mali, which debuted about two weeks ago.

What you really want to know

To be honest, the cleanliness of this artist is refreshing.  We get an album that we can enjoy and get our bounce on" all while the kids are in the car.  We have no reason to skip songs, there isn't any "provocative content" and it's still totally enjoyable.  Don't get me wrong, there is time when we all want to get out "ratchet on" but for the other times there is still some good stuff out there.

Mali's sound is reminiscent of John Legend with a little extra gospel flavor.  Some tracks are stale and soggy, but I talk while they play and tune in when the next hot track picks up.  Some songs have the typical call and response theme, but we also get others that display true musicianship with an opportunity to get your grown man/woman on without feeling like a complete "old head".

Look out for the track with Jazmine Sullivan, and the one called "Worth It".    Have a listen to the sampling of selected tracks below.  "Happy Listening"

If you have suggestions for an artist you would like to see or know more about ship me an email with your request!


Artist Spotlight: Daley


[metaslider id=1680]


Daley is a singer, songwriter and recording artist hailing from Manchester, UK.

A British boy who grew up to the sounds of Prince, Chaka Khan, D'Angelo, Radiohead and Oasis - Daley first became prominent after co-writing and featuring on the Gorillaz hit ‘Doncamatic' under the wing of the band's creator Damon Albarn in London. He has since become one of the UK's most respected soulful exports, recording and touring on both sides of the Atlantic and working with the likes of Pharrell Williams,  Miguel,  Jessie J,  Emeli Sande,  Maxwell, Jill Scott and Marsha Ambrosius.

New Album

With a new single arriving Spring 2017, and adding the last touches to his second album project Daley is drawing on experiences both professional and personal of the last two years, honoring the loss of close friend and manager Richard Antwi, and is poised to open the door on the next chapter of his musical journey with renewed perspective... and eagerly awaited new music!

The 13-track album has been led by the Top 10 Adult R&B hit single “Until The Pain is Gone” featuring Jill Scott. Fans that pre-order the set will receive the aforementioned song, plus the funky “Sympathy” featuring Swindle.
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The verdict:

This is the kind of music that is great for any time of day.  I especially enjoy it when I am working.  The melodies, the voice, and the beats, remind me of the feeling I used to get from listening to classic R and B. Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in, they still know good music when they hear it. Feelings aroused by the touch of someone's hand, the sound of music, the smell of a flower, a beautiful sunset, a work of art, love, laughter, hope and faith - all work on both the unconscious and the conscious aspects of the self, and they have physiological consequences as well. As for Daley, some of the songs he creates, have an ephemeral quality that helps me collect my bad mood when I'm ready to push my computer off the desk, LOL.

Enjoy some of his work below:


Artist Spotlight: SZA

This artist needs very little introduction


SZA’s new album Crtl, released on June 9th, combines the sounds of Neo Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop. It mixes sounds and rhythms that stand apart from the typical radio or club hits that we hear today. Born Solana Imani Rowe in St. Louis, MO, SZA was raised in an orthodox Muslim household, sheltered from the influences of television and radio.

Only through her interactions with her friends and older siblings did she get the chance to hear Hip Hop of the time, namely Wu-Tang Clan, Lil Jon and Cash Money.Her follow-up EP was S, which was released in 2013, followed by Z in 2014.  Her album Ctrl was originally announced under the name A, but was later changed. SZA got her start in the music industry at 19 by doing background vocals for her brother. 


A smidge of background

This album comes through speakers like a breath of fresh air.  I'm pretty late to the party, and after some research, it was clear that this artist has been around far longer than I ever imagined. What I love about her sound, is that she is at once energetic and chill. "She was later discovered by Punch in 2011 at a music industry event, while she was there working for a clothing brand.  A friend was playing her music and Punch overheard, which led to her 2012 release of “See.SZA.Run” and later being signed by TDE in 2013."

She reeks of confidence, which comes through effortlessly in her performances.  I listened to the latest album for the last week, and I have not gotten tired of it yet, which is rare for me.  I will say that some of the songs are a miss, with some far-fetched lyrics and questionable beats.  Overall this is an A- effort, and a hard-won victory.  SZA gets the artist spotlight for being herself and being damn good at it.




In October of last year, SZA tweeted “I actually quit.  @iamstillpunch can release my album if he ever feels like it. Y’all be blessed”.  The news outlets began reporting that SZA was quitting music for good, even though the tweet was deleted later that day.  SZA said that the anxiety and frustration she was feeling in her life led her to consider walking away from music. Thankfully, none of that happened and today we have this rare gem to get us through the summer!

Check out a sample of her tracks below.



Artist spotlight: Khalid

A small scoop on Khalid


I know, I know, Khalid is not necessarily a new artist. He is still newish... right?  Remember, the artist spotlight is for more than just new artists. It's also for those artist that do not necessarily receive the recognition or airtime that they deserve.  So, let's carry on.

The first time I heard his music, I thought that Khalid was a veteran country crossover pop star.  Turns out, he is a young guy from the country... so I was partially right. Khalid is from El Paso, Texas and turns out he is only 19! His military family lived in various places from Germany to upstate New York before settling in Texas. Like most kids, much of his musical influence comes from his family, who listened to 90's R&B artists such as Brandy and TLC.


While still a teenager, he began making music in 2015, incorporating influences as wide-ranging as Frank Ocean, India Arie, Alt-J, and Father John Misty in the songs he posted online. He eventually connected with the producer SykSense, who, along with Tunji Ige and Smash David, worked on Khalid's bittersweet breakout single "Location."

What you need to know

I was instantly drawn to his sound, very rare, although all I could locate at the time were a couple of singles and a stranded EP on Spotify. His full album "American Teen" was released in 2017, and is available on most music outlets.  "Location", probably the song that most have heard, is not his best work.

I compiled a sample of some of his standout tracks for you below.  Don't say I haven't ever done anything nice for you!!

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Artist Spotlight: Ella Mai, Ready EP

Ella Mai Releases a new EP for 2017

Ella Mai Ready

Ella Mai, as you know by now , is a British R and B / Pop artist. She has released three EP’s under 10 Summers Records: Time, Change, and Ready. Her next release will be her début album

Ella Mai’s “She Don’t” is everything you ever typed out to an ex before you thought better of it and hit cut. The 21-year-old singer’s bold début single blazed a trail through the OVO Sound show when it premiered on Beats 1 .

What you really want to know

Most of anything you would want to know about her personally is on her Wikipedia / Sound Cloud / Artist Page / iTunes bio, and the list goes on.

  1. Stand out Tracks : Boo'd up , Breakfast in Bed, Anymore
  2. Is her music any good?  Its pretty good. She gives a smooth summertime vibe, which is why I chose her for this article
  3. Would you want play this every day?  No I don't think so, however, it is a nice something new.
  4. She has a really great voice and some great production and beats.
  5. I would classify this as fun feel good music, ironically, since most of what she sings about are failed and /or unfulfilled relationships

She Dont Video

Verdict:  I think it deserves a listen.  It is miles above much of the garbage that is now floating through the music charts.  She has her own perspective and a really unique sound that makes you wonder what her full album attempt will feel like.

Try some of her music here:



Artist Spotlight: The Internet including solo tracks ft. Syd

The Internet

The Internet is a coffee culture, soul R and B band from Los Angeles, California. It consists of Syd, Matt Martians, Patrick Paige II, Christopher Smith, and Steve Lacy. They have released three studio albums and three extended plays since its formation in late 2011. The band's 2015 album Ego Death was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album


The Internet’s Syd has shared a new solo album in its entirety and some corresponding videos. Fin, is available on iTunes and Soundcloud, as well as a variety of other free and premium locations.  Syd wrote and produced Fin, which also features production from MeLo-X (who worked on Lemonade), Hit-Boy, Haze, Rahki, and the Internet’s Steve Lacy (on “All About Me”). Below, Syd’s new video, directed by Calmatic and featuring appearances from the other Internet members as well as Tyler the Creator. 

Syd's perspective on the new album

In an earlier interview, Syd called the songs on Fin “not that deep.” She indicated, “This is my descent into the depth I want the band to get to".   “This is like an in-between thing–maybe get a song on the radio, maybe make some money, have some new shit to do.”

Check out some of their work below



More Music


Don't miss out on New Artist Spotlight: R.LUM.R

Everyone, have a listen to this incredible artist.

R.LUM.RR&B is the primary mode of Reginald Lamar Williams, Jr., a Nashville, Tennessee-based native of Florida who goes by R.LUM.R (IG Link). People have labeled his music, inappropriately, mature pop oriented.  However, he is most definitely R and B with a folk twist.  I really enjoy his songs. "Frustrated,”his latest single, has had 8 million plays. He is redefining the R&B genre with his voice and guitar. Also, he's inspired by READING!


R.LUM.R's Music

Williams made strides in 2015 with "Show Me" and "Be Honest," atmospheric yet ballads he self-released as singles. Additional tracks followed in 2016, including the similarly moody "Nothing New," released on the Doghouse label. He has several EP's available on Itunes and Spotify. Be sure to listen to the samples below.  We are really looking forward to his full album effort.


yuna front image

Artist Spotlight: Yuna

Meet Yuna (If you haven't already)

Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, professionally known as Yuna, is a Malaysian singer-songwriter and musician. If you have never listened to Yuna sing before, imagine Amy Winehouse (drug free) meets Sade.  Born and raised in Kedah and Selangor, she began writing songs at age 14. Yuna has worked with the likes of Pharrell, Usher, Miguel and Jhene Aiko.  She has an eclectic style that is at once stimulating, intriguing, and relaxing.  I could listen to her all day and really enjoy her music.  she calls her  latest album “Chapters”.  She has music online dating back as far as 2008.  She started her music career online, which means, the tracks on some of her earlier work are a little disjointed. On her latest album, her product is more connected and feels more thematic, which you will enjoy.


Think of her like this

I hesitate to call her a pop star, while she fits more comfortably in the realm of R and B, Smooth Jazz Vocal, or even folk.


 “Instead, she’s using her platform to talk about biased beauty standards in Asia and make modest clothes more fashionable. “Racism is everywhere — the older generations in Malaysia still say things like ‘She’s darker-skinned; maybe don’t marry her,’ and it’s very judgmental. A lot of girls do try to get fairness cream to lighten their skin and I’m against all that. Embrace the color of your skin and your own beauty.”


Check out some of my favorites from her here.


Current Tunes and Music

Current Tunes

Current Tunes

Take some time to listen to some of the current tunes that I enjoy.  Some of it is the best of today's music and the rest are bops that I think are amazing.  You will find music from many genres or categories.  You are bound to find something here you love! Check it out.