We recently sat down with contemporary singing sensation Canade. We talked about his goals for his latest musical offering, his background and the inspiration for his art. Canade is passionate and a little quirky, which only adds to his charm and authenticity. It’s easy to see why live audiences love his relatable style and amazing voice.  https://www.iamcanade.com/

The beginning

From the tender age of 7 years old, as an only child, Canade watched his grandmother sing in the choir and listened to his mother cover Anita Baker songs. For the past ten years performed at open mics, showcases, and talent revues both in the greater Atlanta area and NYC. Canade covers deep cuts and obscure nostalgic gems in his sets that most artists would never even think of. With his complex lyrical content and interesting arrangements, he gets back to what R&B/Soul music is at its core, honest and raw. Canade’s brand is a complete package of complexity and sincerity. His sound, a compilation of a wide range of influences, differs from today’s music – not manufactured or copied.

Visuals from Canade's Never Come Down Video

 Do you recall when you had your first “lightbulb” moment, and you knew that you wanted to sing professionally?  

I had two.  When I was 5, I had a dream about being on stage with a mic and I saw lights and shadows in the audience.  Another sign was the fact that my entire family sings, so the music kept calling to me.  Music is a generational thing for me. Years later, in 2011, I went back to it and it has created additional joy in my life.

What was the first thing you did to move towards your dream career?

I went to the studio and wrote and recorded a few songs. Shortly after, I found a vocal coach.

 What has been your greatest musical success to date?

Where I am right now. There have been lots of changes in the past year, the video and the sound. I decided to not suppress my talents anymore. I am glad to have musical freedom.  I have an EP coming out on Friday, May 1, 2020.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have stuck with my career from high school. I would have believed in myself more.

What does your music say about who you are as a person?

It says that I am eccentric and willing to take a risk, to do things people are afraid to do. It shows my range as a human being. It’s mysterious and revealing at the same time. It’s authentic.

What do you hope your fans get from your music?

That it’s ok to be free. To be free to experiment with new ideas. I used to be controlling and wanted things to go according to my plans. I learned that losing something is not always negative. This process has revealed my biggest support system.

If you had to describe your style to someone unfamiliar with you, or your style, or your music, how would you describe it?

Lenny Kravitz and Prince in both style and music.

When I watched the music video for “Never Come Down”, I got a powerful sense of happiness and self-empowerment.  Are there other messages in the song or the visual you want your fans to get?

The song means falling in love with yourself after all the struggles to get to your moment, and when it comes, be present and enjoy it.

What do you see next for yourself, a new album, touring, projects in the works?

I want to keep it a surprise. I will give you a little advanced info. I will release my first EP May 22nd which is available for pre-order May 1st.

Canade released his single Never Come Down this month, and the visual is astonishing! Check it out below.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpsp4WwwgnU[/embedyt]

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