What's Changed 

The 1970s and 80s

The time in Britain of the emergence of  Queen, Genesis, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd

They must put out quality music and equally be good on stage to pay their wages. The 80s would also see the emergence of Duran Duran, Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses. Now, ask yourself the question, where are the band’s and groups that emerged in the 90's? We all know the names of the Beatles, but then Stock Aitken and Waterman emerge with their throw away pop, they offer the start of the X Factor generation that paid one million pound contracts. Should they fall like Steve Brookstein, that’s just small change.

The 90s into 2000+ sees the rise of one-hit wonders such as 2 unlimited or Chesney Hawks but the music history won't remember their name. In the UK, I can struggle to list any artists who have any real longevity

  1. Robbie Williams
  2. Take That
  3. Oasis

To be honest, in 5 minutes they were all I could think of, but then when we go back to the eighties and before

  1. Madonna
  2. Kylie
  3. Queen
  4. The rolling stones
  5. Bon Jovi
  6. Billy Joel
  7. Tears for fears

Need I go on?

Today’s artists are guaranteed their wage regardless, they do not have to care for their audience as the artists before the X Factor generation. You cannot blame the Simon Cowell’s of this world, as they only supply what we want. Whether or not the X Factor winner is a success matters little. Next, you have the group phenomenon, the group becomes successful, say Boyzone, but after a few years, they split and the likes of Ronan have a solo career. The phrase kerching comes to mind.

Another thing of note, in the UK at least why are the bands of the eighties emerging such as tears for fears and even Chic having large Radio backed gigs.

I leave you with a question, who’s fault is all of this, the likes of Stock Aitken and Waterman, or us for lapping up whatever they throw at us?